I have white labelled a pc software. What are pointers to establish it and gain a web presence?

I do not know where to start buying traffic from as clicks are expensive, ppv do not like me either. I need advice on how can I establish it and getting affiliates driving traffic to my page and converts.


There are many ways to do this, if a person doesn't have money and wants organic targeted traffic you have to put in the work and build it with the right tools and tactics. At the core it is as with all marketing about finding traffic streams, and directing them to you. Creating your own audience is a long term strategy. People who don't have money need to think high leverage long term. Money makes things go faster, smarts and patients is what it takes to succeed without the first.

Answered 10 years ago

You can't think of buying traffic as an expensive proposition. All in all, organic "free" traffic is always more expensive in the long run. Properly targeted paid traffic is the best investment you'll make.

As for ways to get organic traffic, create demos on how people can use your software to solve their problems. Use a blog and youtube videos to demonstrate the capabilities of the software by solving a specific issue. Do not just make a demo of the software to show the features, it must show a solution.

Participate in social media and answer questions for the consumers. For affiliates, offer bonuses and special offers to join your program and nurture the affiliates. Find them by name and approach them personally to review the software and use it. You also should give it to the affiliates you want to promote your product, for free.

I'd be happy to help you over the phone with this when you are ready.

Answered 10 years ago

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