I live in south California, can't stand expensive living cost, plan to move abroad after retirement, after long search, I feel Spain and Thailand seem affordable, then I found out move abroad does not give me much saving, maybe maximum 20% saving. I don't think it is worth to move abroad, to dump everything and start new life is very difficult. Maybe I should move out the city, live in suburb, countryside, I plan to buy a farm for residual income, and still be connected to city's culture, and I will be flexible to travel. May I hear your comment?

It is very difficult to start a new life. Deciding to start new life is challenging, but it's also something that can be incredible for your future if you do it correctly.

Go to Spain or Thailand because you will be able to afford it Living in less costly areas can enable you to spend less and to invest more of your income.

Answered a month ago

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