Credit Card Dispute

From previous post... I applied for affordable housing, paid the deposit, make long story short, they checked my income, bank statement, then surprise, they want to see my IRA retirement account, I said that is confidential, can I hide account number? they rejected. For privacy and security reason, I was not able to provide that information. That means I am not qualified. I should get my deposit back. Would you provide more good reason to protect myself? I have done the affordable housing before but this agency is doing way too much. Thank you for help. =============================================== Update..... The agency replied to my credit card, they wanted me to pay deposit, that is nightmare. 1, in email, they said they will reduce $62 from $250 deposit, but I disagreed, after the dispute now they want me to pay all, no refund. 2, I do not see refund policy, I asked if I get refund back if I am not qualified, they said Yes. I did not send the confidential document to them, that means I am not qualified, I should get total refund. 3, The deadline was 5:00pm that day, I said give me time to think about it, but after I talked to agent, she immediately deleted my application at 4:00pm, if they blocked on their side, do I have strong reason to get money back? email can be good evidence to my credit card? 4, they are so tough, unfriendly, compare to other agency. do I have right to deny their service? do I have right to get money back? Can Privacy and security concern be strong support for the dispute? Sorry for my poor writing.


Emphasize the lack of transparency regarding the deposit reduction. If they initially agreed to a lower deposit and then reversed their decision, it's reasonable to dispute the charge.
Highlight the absence of a clear refund policy and how it was communicated to you. If they assured you of a refund in case of non-qualification and you didn't provide confidential documents due to privacy concerns, you have grounds for a full refund.
Document the communication regarding the application deletion before the stated deadline. If they prematurely terminated your application without giving you the agreed-upon time to consider, it supports your case for a refund.
Express your dissatisfaction with their customer service and compare it to your experiences with other agencies. You have the right to choose which services to engage with, and poor service can justify seeking a refund.
Privacy and security concerns are valid reasons to withhold confidential information. Emphasize that you were unwilling to compromise your personal information, and this should not disqualify you from a refund.
Compile all relevant email communications as evidence for your credit card dispute. Clearly outline your points, focusing on their breach of agreement, lack of transparency, premature application deletion, poor customer service, and your legitimate privacy concerns.

Answered 2 months ago

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