What are your top problems regarding your home?

Hi, guys, I am trying to validate a start-up idea. Could you tell me what are your biggest pains-in-the-ass regarding your home? E.g. When you are there or where you are on a vacation/your workplace? Thank you very much in advance and have nice holidays! All the best, Lyubomir


1) Finding someone I can trust to fix things that go wrong (PS: If you are doing anything in the energy/HVAC/integration space I have a lot of experience in that part of the home market)

Answered 10 years ago

Maintenance is always a problem. I would suggest that you use a program like Survey Monkey to reach a larger audience in order to get more answers. I would also suggest that you rephrase your question into at least 10 specific questions so that you are helping the people answer the questions free the copwebs from their minds.
Good Luck!
Michael T. Irvin
"Get To The Top Without The Slop"

Answered 10 years ago

Problems fall into two broad areas:

1) compared to my phone or my car, my house is not very smart, so forgetfulness on my part (not locking a door or turning off an oven) can be a problem - particularly when I'm away for a day or a week.

2) it's a complex place and it takes a village to keep it running and properly maintained. It would be great to have the equivalent of a building superintendent that could very regularly check to make sure everything is working and up do date and get things done as needed (painting, gardening, sprinkler repair, lightbulb changes, etc.)

Answered 10 years ago

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