Can you make a customer loyal and repeat patronage?


This is a broad question. You can gain customer loyalty and repeat patronage, but it takes much more than a marketing strategy. Customers want a positive experience, get a high-quality product/service, and pay a fair price. The customer experience starts at the first touch point and ends with the receipt and satisfaction of the product/service. Using a Design Thinking approach, you can understand the customer's persona, create an easy and positive customer process, develop the right product/service, and deliver exceptional quality and value from the customer's perspective. If you have any follow-up questions, we can schedule a call to discuss.

Answered 8 months ago

A lot goes into building a loyal and strong customer relationship that results in positive word of mouth and repeat business.

The following are some of the things we did in my own business to achieve this, I hope they are of value to you.

• Provide a product and service that is built from the ground up with the customer in mind.

• Make the buying process seamless and efficient and couple that with an unmatched level of support.

• Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you and through social media to voice their opinions, get assistance and spread the word about your offerings.

• Have an incentive based referral program that helps build your sales funnel through customer word of mouth.

There is much more to discuss on this topic. Please feel free to schedule a call if interested.

Answered 8 months ago

Yes, absolutely! It’s all about passion and positivity. Give coupons, offer other services they weren’t aware of. And treat them like a friend!! That’s a huge one. I know this because I worked a job that involved making commission on selling packages and I stayed in the high 90’s percentile.

Answered 8 months ago

Yes, you can build customer loyalty and encourage repeat patronage by providing excellent service, offering rewards, personalizing interactions, seeking feedback, and delivering consistent quality.

Answered 7 months ago

mi perro se llama bruno, y yo le compro su comida todas las semanas, siempre iba al lugar mas cercano, los precios eran los mismos, era la misma marca, así que me daba igual comprarlo aquí o allá, pero un día fui a un lugar donde nunca había comprado, llegue normal hice mi compra y me fui, la semana siguiente estaba cerca del lugar y volví a pasar, cuando estaba en la caja la chica introduce mis datos y me dice que bueno tenerla de vuelta, y yo ok gracias. Sorprendida…y ella va que me dice….como esta su cachorro? eso me impacto tanto que le dije: bruno? ahh genial en casa destruyendo todo a su paso jaja y me reí, pues resulta que cuando ya me estaba retirando del lugar se me acerca el portero y me entrega un hueso, si un hueso y me dice, tome llévele a bruno! que? dije yo! digale que es un regalo nuestro, pues adivina que? bruno ya va para 2 años y no compro su comida que no sea en ese lugar… entonces tu me dirás, marca o no la diferencia conocer los detalles de tu cliente, cuanto crees que invirtió esa tienda en retenerme durante estos 2 últimos años? y cuanto cuesta un hueso? hazte esa pregunta.. cuanto cuesta un hueso?.

My dog's name is Bruno, and I buy his food every week, I always went to the nearest place, the prices were the same, it was the same brand, so I didn't care if I bought it here or there, but one day I went to a place where I had never bought, I arrived, made my purchase and left, the following week I was near the place and I passed by again, when I was at the checkout the girl enters my information and tells me how good it is to have her back, and I ok, thank you . Surprised...and she tells is her puppy? That impacted me so much that I said: Bruno? ahh great at home destroying everything in its path haha ​​and I laughed, because it turns out that when I was already leaving the place the doorman approaches me and hands me a bone, yes a bone and tells me, here, take him to Bruno! that? I said! Tell him it's a gift from us, well guess what? Bruno has been going for 2 years and I don't buy his food other than in that place... so you tell me, does it make a difference or not knowing the details of your client, how much do you think that store invested in retaining me during these last 2 years? And how much does a bone cost? Ask yourself that question... how much does a bone cost?

Answered 7 months ago

*Provide A+ Customer Service
*Engage them regularly -- Monthly newsletter, quarterly customer surveys, stay engaged with account management to understand anything customers are getting stuck on.
*Special promotions for previous customers only
*Engage them wherever they are: FB, FB Groups, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Niche Platforms don't only focus on Email and SMS.

Answered 6 months ago

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