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Place looks great. Wish I lived closer ;)

While there are a number of tactics that could get you more people coming to your website, my concern is that those who do visit are unlikely to complete a booking given the number of steps in your registration process.

I think there are a number of "quick wins" (things that you could do to increase sales that don't require too many changes to your existing website) that are possible by making the existing website more efficient.

I'm not a travel expert but I am experienced in online marketing and conversion optimization. Happy to talk to you in a call if you're interested in understanding these quick wins.

Answered 11 years ago



If you'd like a Forbes-listed, Marketer of the Year on your side who is a frequent contributor to outlets like Forbes, NASDAQ, Citibank, and the like... and helps his clients grow by ~1400%... you can set up a call with me.

Check out my reviews and see what the fuss is about.

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I echo what Tom said: beautiful property!

Since 2009 I've been helping a couple of boutique resorts in Turks and Caicos with their marketing and booking strategies. This isn't the place for a soup-to-nuts explanation, so I'll just share one big break-through for them: TripAdvisor reviews.

Your property is probably already on TripAdvisor, but do you have a strategy in place to help you get positive feedback on a consistent basis?

Most managers and property owners have a love-hate relationship with TA, and I don't blame them. But positive reviews drive rankings; and rankings, visibility; and visibility, bookings.

We kept it really simple: At checkout, give guests a branded Thank You card printed on cotton or linen paper with step-by-step instructions for setting up a TripAdvisor account and leaving a review. Then send a follow-up email the next week saying that you'd love to hear more about their experience on TripAdvisor. Include the instructions and TripAdvisor link in the email as well.

If someone does leave a negative review, simply apologize, share your perspective, and ask them to give you another chance to impress them. Then offer them a free stay. That will raise eyebrows and take all of the risk out of booking with you, and can help you turn critics into your most vocal advocates.

This one little strategy worked like a charm for us, and because we were able to achieve such high rankings so consistently, the properties started winning Best of TripAdvisor awards, which compounded the effects!

I hope you'll give this little strategy a try. Let me know how it works for you.


Answered 11 years ago

Approach other high-end resorts in Europe and ask to buy their buyers list. Why reinvent the wheel? Find out what's attracting your target clientele to the destinations they're going to *now*, and use those reasons to direct them to you.

See if other destinations are interested in reducing costs by joining in on a promotional strategy. Mailing the same customers with two different offers, perhaps in separate countries, is a great way to piggyback onto their proven list, and lower costs for both of you.

Answered 11 years ago

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