How to increase and maintain the growth of my twitter account?

Hi, I have a personal twitter account that I use to build my profile as I'm a consultant in management, marketing mass communication (including journalism, social media, Public Relations) I started this account since around three years but noticed that it's not growing at a steady pace, the growth is actually slow. I write my personal opinion on matters related to management and mass comms and also offer advice, as well as sharing articles from here and there about the mentioned topics, I try always to make the content original. Recently I started adding random content which sometimes work and someone doesn't The growth in terms of followers and engagement is still slow and I can't figure out what is the issue Any help please?


I love what Lee said about being yourself but staying on message. And Ali was right: choose your goals then plan backward from them.

Twitter is a tree: the more your water, fertilize, and prune it, the stronger it will be.

Here are a few quick tips:

· Actively prune inactive and spam accounts to keep the number of people you follow less than the number who follow you.
· Talk to thought leaders, especially people who have more followers than you. Engaging them in conversation will put you on the radar of all their followers.
· Give public "high fives." Compliment other people's work, writing, products, and thoughts, and 95% of them will like you.
· Use TweetDeck to create custom streams based on the niches you're target, and Buffer App to schedule the delivery of new content. I have to use Buffer; otherwise, I'll sometimes forget to post my stuff!
· Be yourself. I can't stress that one enough.
· Keep in mind that bigger isn't necessarily better. Again, what is your goal? If you're trying to network in your industry, than a smaller following might be appropriate. If you're selling info products, then you'll need lots of people entering your sales funnel.
· Have fun. I believe that people prefer to follow winsome people.
· Stay consistent. Your following will grow steadily as long as you're posting steadily AND engaging people in conversation.
· Be really generous. I believe that people prefer to follow generous people.
· Go read one hundred blog posts about how to grow your Twitter following. By the time you're finished, you'll be the expert.

Come back and teach all of us "experts" something, okay?


Answered 6 years ago

It depends on exactly what your goals are for your account... Are you looking to merely build a following? Do you want to push the followers to purchase from you down the road? Are you looking to build social proof for when clients are vetting you to see if they should work with you? Do you want to use it to drive traffic to other social media? Do you want to become a celebrity?

All of these situations merit different methods if you want to be effective. Let me know exactly what your goals are and I can help.

As you already know, Forbes listed me as one of the "Ten Consultants Who Avoid the BS" and I was named a 2013 "Marketer of the Year" by the American Business Awards. I'm a good person to guide you.

Answered 6 years ago

The primary reason someone originally follows you is because you followed them, so your first task is to seek out those interested in what you share and follow them. Retweet what you find most interesting of what they've shared. Interact with them. That is why it is called "social" media.

If you don't tweet at least once a month anyone doing Twitter seriously may unfollow you. Consider feeding content that is most interesting to your followers. Usually that would be similar to what you tweet about, but produced by others. One way to do that is explained in How to Use Twitterfeed

There are tips, how-tos, strategies and videos for anyone from beginners to advanced Twitter users at

If you would like one-on-one training or assistance in learning or setting up any of these strategies give me a call.

Answered 6 years ago

I'd suggest not only posting your own original content, but lining/RT'ing that of others, esp. influential people whose content you (and your audience by extension) find compelling. It should also underscore your own message and brand positioning.

Having advised numerous companies on how to solve the "cold-start" problem of creating a new social property, one of the best ways to generate content and acquire an audience is to utilize others' content to tell your own story. You'll get a broader reach and find people of like mind if you ally yourself with others who're already doing some of the heavy lifting.

What's more, talking about yourself gets tedious, but when others tell your story, it's a more compelling read -- and it puts them in position to to reinforce your own story and message, which is ultimately what you want. You cannot get links & followers without first giving and sharing them.

Answered 6 years ago

A few tactical ideas to add to all the strategies ones other folks have suggested:

1. Add @mentions to your tweets whenever possible. @mention authors of blog posts you share, companies or publications mentioned in posts you share, individuals who might find whatever you're sharing interesting -- Force yourself to include an @mention or even two in each tweet. If you can't figure out how to include at least one, your tweet might not be all that valuable to your readers anyhow. (Unless you're offering, for example, straight-up tips based on your own knowledge.)

2. For individuals, I suggest a "notice-me list." Add folks to a private list who you want to notice you for whatever reason, and look for opportunities to RT their tweets, @reply, participate in their conversations, etc. This does two things: A. It forces you to narrow down who you truly want to connect with on Twitter, right down to individuals, and B. It helps you be more strategic about how to reach those targets.

Here's a post with more detail:

I also offer a Twitter course with daily tips like the ones above:


Answered 6 years ago


I can recommend the following :

- if you go to conferences, publish blog posts or keynotes, or comment online, make sure to add your twitter handle
- add your twitter handle in your email signature and business cards
- make sure your description is good. You can say : "I answer topics about management, journalism, and public relations in... every friday 2 to 4pm"
- i also find that my followers number (> 4000 currently) increases dramatically when I go to events or conferences. So make sure you advertise your twitter there. Use hashtags, live tweet the content of the event, comment on those who tweet as well.

Happy tweeting !

Answered 6 years ago

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