Has anyone made a search on why Ghanaian youth are not into Agriculture?


The participation of the youth in agriculture with the introduction of the program by the government of Ghana known as “YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE” has been very low largely because the sector has not been made attractive to risk, cost, inefficacy and its labor intensive to nature.

Answered a year ago

Ghanaian youth are not into agriculture due to perceptions of the sector as low-income and lacking opportunities for personal growth. Modernization challenges, limited access to finance, and unclear land tenure systems further discourage their involvement. Additionally, migration to urban areas for perceived better job prospects and the lack of practical agricultural training in the education system contribute to the disinterest in farming among Ghanaian youth .

Answered a year ago

The lack of interest among Ghanaian youth in agriculture is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive exploration of underlying factor.
Many Ghanaian youth perceive agriculture as unattractive, physically demanding, and financially unrewarding. Research suggests that the negative image associated with agriculture discourages young people from considering it as a viable career option.

Answered a year ago

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