What 'soft' skills have best contributed to your success as an entrepreneur?

I am looking for advice from established business leaders who were able to start from 0 and build their success. It doesn't matter what field you're in and whether you're technical or not.


Whenever I think of skills, the first one I think of is people skills. I think that is the most important type of skill-set to have. Knowing how to treat and talk to people is beyond important in the workplace. When you know how to talk and treat people, it really doesn't matter what kind of product you are selling. When you make it about the person and not the product, walls fall down. Learning how to read people and get a feel for their personality has really helped too. It's a shame more management teams don't take the time to learn and teach this to their staff.

I hope that helps!

Answered 7 years ago

Entrepreneurship requires a specific "set" of skills and psychological traits. Some of the most important soft skills are communication/interpersonal, analytical, & problem-solving skills.

The psychological dimension involves the ability to manage risks, recover and learn from setbacks quickly (resilience), persistence and empathy among others.

For me, learning sales via telemarketing helped a lot. It helped me develop thick skin to handle rejection, learn to listen and understand customer need, as well as close. Many people have difficulty closing the sale because they don't feel worthy.

Sales experience through any means is probably the best preparation for entrepreneurship because it helps you develop the ability to communicate and sell, as well as the ability to manage rejection and recover quickly.

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Answered 7 years ago

Guts and a sense of humor. Both of those have seen me through 15 years of being an entrepreneur. You have to have the guts to ask for the sale and a sense of humor when things get hairy. Good luck to you!

Answered 7 years ago

I was asked often by this question, my answer is always the same, not everyone can be entrepreneur, it is always about how much strong desire he/she want to be successful? how much commitment put into success. Does she/he REALLY REALLY want to be success. I think most critical traits are perseverance and persistent and strong determination, how much exactly he knows what he want in business or life. It is a learning journey, none of us is perfect, from people skills, negotiation skills, sales, marketing and branding, we can learn along the journey or get a mentor in a specifically area. However, apart from the 3 traits I talked about, the top significance is about how RELATIONSHIP, if you know someone from business networking or other events, it is really all about how to create relationship with people and providing value, only you have the relationship and getting the stage of leverage. There is no such thing of self-made.

One relationship, one story, one success

Answered 6 years ago

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