Who sold a lot on Clickbank or JVzoo? Any advice you recommend to get started with a new course on those platforms?


I run some affiliate marketing campaigns for products on Warrior Plus. If you want to start a new course teaching people how to become successful affiliate marketers in either Clickbank or JVZoo, you need to show them that you yourself is already a successful affiliate marketer. You need to show them the shortcuts. You also need to show people that you are able to mentor them to success. In the sales page you need to show myriad of successful students, and during the course, you need to ensure that your students achieve the results quicker than they expect. Feel free to request a call for follow up questions.

Answered a year ago

The clear winner is Clickbank. The truth is that while it is safe, it's only reliable as an affiliate marketer if you're willing to put in the work to locate high-quality products to sell. Whereas JVZoo is more flexible in their screening process while selecting products to go on their marketplace. JVZoo offers a marketplace where vendors can list products and affiliates can find products to promote.

Answered a year ago

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