Ebay buying how to protect me?

I want to buy very expensive grand piano in ebay, seller said no return. I am far away not able to pick up. I also need to find carrier pay extra shipping, so many things could happen. I don't think I can rely on Ebay. How to protect myself, your suggestion?


Buy Local. Go with your gut. Ebay can only do so much to assist but you might get in touch with support for Ebay and ask them if you purchase it what is the guarantee. If the purchase itself does not have purchase protection I would forego the risk if youre not comfortable.

Answered a year ago

In all honesty this doesn’t sound like a brilliant idea, i would look at other pianos. If you are planning on buying an expensive piano that you have never seen before from someone you’ve never met and you are not allowed to return it, this feels like a recipe for disaster. I am a believer in there is good people in the world and in all likelihood the piano would be in working order, but why take the risk when I’m sure there’s others out there that you could view first and return. I played the piano myself for a few years and I understand the enjoyment people get from it, but no amount of enjoyment warrants the risk you are taking.

Hope this helped :)

Answered a year ago


Answered a year ago

Purchase locally on ebay from a well reviewed and reputed seller, look for suspicious keywords or phrases, ensure that your ebay account follows cyber safety rules (ex. you have a fool proof password, use multifactor authentication).

Answered 10 months ago

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