What is the best location for a Bar?

I will open a Bar, and I am not sure about the right location, what do you think that it is best? Downtown, or close to downtown?


For this location is very important as you say, firstly conducting some market research and trying to find out where people want a bar is a good idea. Obviously there’s factors such as budget, what options are available and what area you are in etc so there’s only so much i can help. But somewhere with a lot of footfall, in commuting distance of the main run of houses and generally within the heart of the city would attract a lot of people, but if your target audience is different then you might want it in a quieter location where people would go for a quiet drink with a friend. This completely depends on what type of bar it is as well as your local area, the demographic there.

Hope this helped a bit, feel free to message me to discuss this further.

Answered a year ago

It's important to know that the progress or success of any Bar business is to a larger extent dependent on your circle of friends, as they serve as influencers irrespective of location.

On the other way round, while locating a bar 🍺🍻, it important to consider accessibility, Class of people etc.

In summary, Bar is best located in not too open area that is accessible to all. The rest is customer satisfaction index ☝️

Answered a year ago

Honestly, one of the best spots to open a bar is exactly where a bar used to be. I would do specs on the previous area though, make sure that they havent been out of business for too long and its important to see how long they were in business for. This piggy back effect brings you business from the start. (as long as the ending for the previous bar wasnt too unfortunate, - you will find yourself meeting the local regulars of that bar, curious to see what youve done with the place) Likewise; you might move closer to a popular bar so you receive the run off from people who dont want to wait when they are at peak hours.

Just some general ideas. Hope thats helpful :0

Answered a year ago

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