Who can help with leads for a newly proposed digital outsourcing centre in Ghana?

My organisation is in the business of digital job creation for African youth. We develop curriculum and provide training in digital marketing and virtual assistantship. So the supply side is not a problem. The issue is the demand side, especially on scale (i.e providing jobs to 1000 youth in 2 years). Would it be possible to partner with someone who can bring in business while we manage training, talent recruitment and job management?


Yes, there are many software solutions available to start a marketplace like some of the popular ones are TaskRabbit. she

This is a platform that allows you to create an online marketplace without any Sharetribe: 1. Coding skills. It offers a host of features such as payment processing, user management, and custom branding

This cloud-based platform provides the Arcadier 2: suite of tools for creating a marketplace such as commission management and escrow payments. and analytics

This is a marketplace software designed specifically for the Yo Coach and Consulting industry. It enables companies to create a platform where trainers and clients can connect and share knowledge

This software solution provides you with all the tools needed to create: Marketify 4. Comes with features like TaskRabbit, easy payment processing, customizable design, and email notifications.

This is just. A Few Examples of Marketplace Software You Can Use to Start Your Own Online Marketplace Each of these platforms has its own set of features and pricing plans, so it is important to

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