UX Designer: Creating and designing user experiences for digital products or services. They conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a user-centered design approach.

UX Researcher: Understanding user needs, behaviors, and motivations through various research methods. They conduct interviews, usability tests, surveys, and analyze data to provide insights that inform the design process.

Interaction Designer: Specialize in designing the interactions and behaviors within a digital product. They create intuitive and engaging interfaces, define user flows, and work closely with visual designers and developers to bring the designs to life.

UI Designer: Work closely with UX designers to translate wireframes and prototypes into visually polished and functional interfaces. They create pixel-perfect designs, develop design systems, and collaborate with developers to ensure design implementation.

UX Writer: Specialize in crafting clear and concise content that guides users through a product or service. They write error messages, instructions, labels, and other contextual elements to enhance the overall user experience.

Answered a year ago

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