I believe especially where we got stuck on a point we cannot see beyond, that incredibly what I call “growing point”. Several of us get in this situation, and the point is not we are not good enough, but we did not growth enough. Questions suggested from another point of view will help surely to overcome it. Especially if we stick with troubles touching personal own problems

It is completely normal to feel stuck in a situation where our intentions had been to help others but we get ourselves in trouble. This kind of experience makes us human and prevent us from future events that might be more damaging to us by teaching us some lesson.
However, when you love someone you can go an extra mile for them because this is what relationships are for. But, there is a silver lining between the right and wrong types of boundaries. We must be mindful that we are not caring for others till the point that we are self-sabotaging ourselves in order to care for others. We must be mindful that there are some requests that we should say "no" to in order to develop healthy boundaries. For example, you have a meeting in the upcoming hour in the office with your manager and you have not prepared for it but you have only a few minutes left to prepare which leaves you panicking. Then, a friend of yours comes and says they are hungry and want to have lunch with you in the cafe because you are their only friend. At this point, it is better to negotiate to them about your own tight schedule because if you would go the extra mile for them it will sabotage your own happiness because it might end up having a bad meeting with your boss. I hope I provided you the answer.

Answered 9 months ago

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