How much do you charge to do a topic on video.

I'd like to have you talk about my service that can make anyone money.


It depends on where you plan to market the video and the value that you intend to make back from the video itself.

If you have the script ready you can then look at the length of the video to price the job per number of videos multiplied by the total time to record all the videos.

A good actor can cost as little as $100 per hour, but that can go up depending on their competency and experience.

Answered a year ago

That's an excellent question, and it's great to see you're interested in promoting your service. There are a few different options for creating a video, each with its own potential costs.

1. Do It Yourself: This is the least expensive option, where you can use your own equipment (like a smartphone) and free or low-cost editing software. This is best if you're budget-conscious and willing to learn.

2. Freelance Video Producers: Depending on their experience, freelancers could charge anywhere from $25 to $100+ per hour. They can handle the shooting, editing, and sometimes even scriptwriting. Websites like Upwork or Fiverr can help you find someone within your budget.

3. Video Production Company: These are the most expensive option, usually starting at a few thousand dollars for a short video, but they handle everything from scriptwriting to shooting to post-production. This is the best option for a highly professional look and feel.

Regarding the promotion of your service through the video, it might be beneficial to consider hiring a scriptwriter or marketing consultant to help you craft a compelling message. They can help you highlight how your service can make money for others and target the right audience.

TLDR: the most important thing about your video is the story it tells. No matter how much you spend on production, your video's effectiveness will come down to the clarity and appeal of its message.

I've created a lot of these here if you'd like inspiration (

Answered a year ago

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