Has anyone runs Facebook ads alongside a direct mail campaign for real estate?

I'm looking to do a direct mail camping alongside a Facebook ad campaign. The direct mail camping allows me to direct specific homes and homeowners while the Facebook campaign allow for retargeting. Has anyone done anything like this before?


Yes, it is possible for someone to run Facebook ads alongside a direct mail campaign for real estate. In fact, many real estate professionals use a combination of online and offline marketing strategies to reach potential buyers and sellers. By using both digital advertising on platforms like Facebook, as well as more traditional methods such as direct mail, agents and brokers can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. This can help them generate more leads and ultimately close more deals. Some specific strategies may vary, but generally speaking, using a combination of online and offline marketing can be an effective way to promote real estate listings.

Answered 22 days ago

I do this on a semi regular basis. I call it triangulating my farm areas. I create a profile of the persona who lives in the area(s), run a few ads, some broad some targeted online fb ads, and then I also follow up with postcards, mail in letters, or mail in offers. Each time, each campaign is adjusted to try different calls to action.

Answered 13 days ago

It sounds like you are considering using both direct mail and Facebook ads as part of a marketing campaign. Direct mail allows you to target specific homes and homeowners, while a Facebook ad campaign can be used for retargeting, which means showing ads to people who have already visited your website or taken some other action. Both of these can be effective tactics, but it's important to consider how they will work together as part of a cohesive campaign. Have you thought about how you will track the effectiveness of each tactic and how you will measure the overall success of the campaign? It can also be helpful to test a small scale campaign before investing a lot of resources, to see how well it performs.

Answered 24 days ago

Yes. To run a Facebook ads campaign alongside a direct mail campaign for real estate, you can follow these steps:

Define your target audience: Identify the demographics, interests, and behaviors of the people who are most likely to be interested in buying or renting a property.

Create a Facebook ad campaign: Use the Facebook Ads Manager to create a new campaign and select the objective that aligns with your business goals (e.g., "Lead Generation" or "Conversions"). Then, choose the target audience you defined earlier and create ad creatives that align with your direct mail campaign.

Set up your direct mail campaign: Create a direct mail piece (e.g. brochure, postcard, letter) that aligns with your Facebook ad campaign and target audience, and create a list of mailing addresses of potential customers who match the target audience.

Track and measure the results: Use Facebook's conversion tracking and conversion pixels to track the results of your Facebook ad campaign. Also track the conversion rate of direct mail. Compare the performance of both campaigns and try to understand which medium is most effective for your target audience.

Optimize and adjust: Use the data you collect to optimize and adjust your campaigns for better performance. Use the most successful ad or direct mail creatives and discard underperforming ones.

It's also good idea to consider integrating your campaigns by having a consistent message on both ads and direct mail, and a unique tracking link or coupon code for each medium to properly attribute leads.

Answered 21 days ago

Many real estate professionals use a combination of digital and traditional marketing tactics to reach potential buyers and sellers. Running Facebook ads alongside a direct mail campaign is one such strategy that can be effective.

Facebook ads allow real estate professionals to target specific demographics, such as people looking to buy or sell a home in a specific area, and to reach them with highly targeted and personalized ads. Direct mail, on the other hand, allows real estate professionals to reach a larger audience and can be especially effective for reaching older demographics who may not be as active on social media.

Combining these two tactics can be a powerful way to reach a broader range of potential buyers and sellers. For example, a real estate professional can use Facebook ads to reach younger, tech-savvy buyers, and then follow up with a direct mail campaign to reach older, less tech-savvy buyers. Additionally, you can use the tracking options and data from the Facebook ads campaigns to adjust your direct mail campaign and make it more effective.

It's worth noting that the success of this strategy will depend on several factors, such as the targeting, the messaging, the quality of the content, and the audience of the real estate professional, among other things. Also, it is important to track and measure the results of both campaigns to see which one is performing better and optimize it accordingly.

Answered 21 days ago

Yes, it is common for real estate professionals to use a combination of direct mail and Facebook advertising campaigns. Direct mail allows you to target specific homes and homeowners, while Facebook ads allow for retargeting and reaching a larger audience through social media. By using both methods together, you can increase your chances of reaching and engaging potential buyers or sellers. However, it's important to be aware of the possibility of oversaturating your audience with too many ads. It would be best to consider the audience's attention, and how to distribute your message accordingly.

Answered 18 days ago

Damn, there are a lot of ChatGPT answers here. Good to know the community is quick to automate communication.

The biggest issue with what you are trying to do is that Facebook doesn't give you the exact address of the people you are advertising to. This means that even if you narrow your search to a specific city or town, you won't know for sure that you are reaching the same people you mailed fliers to.

That being said, if you mail fliers to everyone is a small town, then your strategy will work. The bigger issue will be that you won't get the decreased spend that generally comes with a retargeting campaign because FB won't know that these people have been reached already.

Generally speaking, it's better to increase close rate than lead rate. For this reason, most high earning agents focus on updating their tech stack so that they are using the best tools available to keep clients happy vs chasing cold leads. I'd likely focus on doing that -- there are a ton of companies building transparency tools that make it easier to convince clients to work with you.
I personally think that the most technologically advanced brokerage is, but if you aren't looking to join a brokerage, then the transparency tool has recently been making the rounds around the agent community as well.

Answered 3 days ago

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