What is the optimum selling strategy for selling advertising to business owners?

I have an idea for selling advertising (print) to business owners. Problem: No idea who buys ads and who doesn't, profit skyrockets when the sale is $8,000 and above but is negligible with sales of $1,000 and below. I have no intentions of trying to setup some app or online site to coordinate sales as this leads to copycats very quickly. Opportunity: With co-op mailing, I can get businesses to advertise for less yet reach the same number of people. There is no "expertise" needed whatsoever as anyone with capital can buy advertising and resell it.


The perfect strategy is to show your client what their benefit and return on investment would be on this specific advertisement. This is what they are looking for from your pitch. It is great if you show them a positive benefit that they will receive from the advertisement. An example would be a return of a certain amount of money that is more then they invested. Sometimes they will have a certain budget that they must spend wisely. You must ask what the client needs for their benefit. It could be an increase towards their image or recognition. After you find out what they need you will be able to sell them the right advertisement.

Answered 11 years ago

What I've suggested in the past that worked really well, is to pick an open minded business to advertise for... use your advertising genius to send them customers, as long as the customers when they go into the business say - (X Sent me) - then when you know you've sent them a good deal of customers.. call them up and say did you notice all the customers that said X sent me... Well we do this to prove that what we do works... In order for us to continue this campaign it will cost you (X) the price should be 1/3 of the potential profit that those customers would bring to the establishment within a 6month period of time.. So now you've proven you service works.. All you have to do is turn off the taps if they say no. Rinse and repeat until you find someone that says yes.. which we find that we usually get about 85 to 90% conversion on a strategy like this... No convincing, no haggling, no price negotiation - Here is what it does with proof.. Here is what it costs... 1/3 of the profit. Let's do it.. Yes or no? :) Hope that helps!

Answered 10 years ago

Business run on teams and teams run of individual skills, so to discover the “optimum” you need to find out which of the following strategies your time can work out:
1. Know Your Product
Familiarize yourself with products and services you sell by reading their accompanying marketing brochures and sales letters, testing the product or service and by asking your manager questions about a given product.

2. Understand Your Target Customer
Consumers have different wants and needs that make them gravitate toward specific products, services and companies. If you have knowledge of your target customers, you can readily identify their needs and help them find solutions.

3. Get Referrals from Existing Customers
Include generating referrals into your sales process to maximize your profits.

4. Price Competitively
While you do not have to make your prices lower than or on par with your competitors, you should know their regular and sales prices for products and services. Value-added benefits might include an extended warranty or lifetime guarantee, your level of expertise or the quality of your products.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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