Can investor wired you money in different country in an online bank account, and the bank ask you to pay transfer fees through WesternUnion money gram

Or WorldRemit? To someone and you need to give the money transfer receipts through scan. Can you do thi


Dear Client, I am a Merchant exporter. I had lot of experience in International fund transfers.
Normally Banks will automatically charge wire transaction fees. But there is no way the respective banks ask for Western union money transfer fees, So probably that's a scam.
Kindly call up on your bank and verify the same at your end.
Also please go through this article which will be of a great help to you.

If you have any further assistance, Please get back to me.

Thank you
Warm regards

Answered 2 years ago

An investor may be able to wire funds to your bank account in another country, and the bank may request that you cover transfer fees through Western Union or MoneyGram. This is not uncommon, as banks often have specific protocols for handling international wire transfers and may charge additional fees. It is important to inform the investor of these fees before they make the investment and to consult with your bank regarding their wire transfer procedures and any associated fees.

Answered a year ago

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