Can I get a complete list or directory or website that list angel investors, venture capitalists, funders etc?


I wish you success in obtaining investor lists
But there is a point that must be taken in your mind
that you must search for customers or investors who need your service or product, because it is possible to find a list of a thousand investors, but no one is interested in your service or product
Therefore, you should research the scope of your product or service
You can contact me to explain more......

Answered 2 years ago

A great place to start would be LinkedIn would be another good resource for finding investors and VCs.

Answered a year ago

PitchBook is a comprehensive database of private companies and angel/VC/PE investors. College students at some universities, such as University of New Hampshire, have free access to PitchBook which normally costs $40K per seat. If you pay these students a low hourly rate ($15-$20/hour), they can obtain an investor list for your space for likely less than $100.

Answered 5 months ago

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