Payroll is killing me/wasting my time. What inexpensive small businesses can help consultants manage payments to freelancers/consultants?

I am running a consulting business that is starting to scale. I am outsourcing work to independent contractors and do not want to manage their payroll. Are there accountants/services that can help?


In normal cases each subcontracting partner is self responsible for its accounting. Depending on the country you are and kind of business you running, you need to find out what possibilities are possible. For sure there are services you can use, check out for example. There they offer accounting/payroll services for small businesses. Hope I could help you! If any further help needed, let me know! Regards Behzad

Answered 7 years ago

We work with a fabulous company here in Chicago that specializes in this type of service. You can reach out to me for the owners name, she will prove invaluable in freeing up your time. I know she was for me.

Answered 7 years ago

My company handles this. We offer a self-serve payroll option for employers that pays either subcontractors or employees and issues the 1099s or w2s/quarterly taxes. However, for those employers who don't want to track timesheets or hunt down a missing punch or deal with "should I pay or not" for things like sick time, holidays, split shifts, or skipping meal breaks, we offer a concierge processing service as well. Let's talk further if you are interested in passing along that arduous task!

Answered a year ago

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