How to build a strong dedicated product marketing team?

I need to create a dedicated marketing team for my project, but I have no experience in this. I found an article about where to hire people, but I would like to try to do it myself. Does anyone have any tips or similar situations?


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Answered 2 months ago

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Answered a month ago

If this is still relevant for you, here are the key aspects to focus on:
1: identify the personal values you'd like them to share with you. E.g. integrity, innovation, making an impact.
2: establish what motivates them personally. No matter how dedicated someone is, we are all driven by personal motivation. Use that drive to keep them engaged. E.g: if their personal motivation is to grow into a manager level role, get them involved with decision making, delegate people management tasks to them etc.
3: transparent communication! If your team understands WHY they need to do something, their performance will reflect that in a positive way. There's nothing worse than keeping people in the dark

Answered 10 days ago

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