Hi, I've been away from board meetings of the biz for a while due to split with founder / partner. We're amicable now and keen to rejoin as entitled.

We're going to market and Chair / financial investors believe this may impact investment or sale. I think there's a clear story of why I left and now rejoining and frankly keen to protect my interests as still major shareholder and only one biz / eggs in one basket. The question is - does this really make a big difference to an investor? surely they should be able to see I temporarily left for personal reasons, but rejoining meetings as have a vested interest - and if investing or buying the biz, there's more important things to consider.. Thank-you for any wisdom and thoughts


Investors are notoriously fickle - they scare easily. It's a survival instinct, and it keeps good firms alive. That said, this is certainly not a huge red flag - just a yellow one to proactively address. If the split wasn't publicized as one over fundamental inability to work together well, you should be able to get over that speed bump. Your Chair and advisors are probably right though - I'm answering based on limited data, and when you get enough people in the room saying something, it could be a sign that there's more to it than we may be seeing on the surface. Or it could be related to other motivations they have for keeping you out of the business. If you want to chat it through feel free to let me know.


Answered 2 years ago

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