A problem with writing a dissertation

I study in college and faced the problem of writing a dissertation, I use a lot of information resources, but all in vain, can you have any recommendations?


While admissions counselors may read a few parts of your college essay, you shouldn't lie. While you may be tempted to make things up to impress them, this is not a good idea. Instead, you should show them that you truly have special skills or interests that set you apart from other applicants.
If you need help, you can contact service, I used it myself, and everything was fine. Don't oversell yourself, but make sure to talk about them honestly and show them why you're a great fit for Notre Dame.

While you may want to show your sense of humor, you shouldn't lie or embellish your essay. Although some essays might be funny, keep the tone clean and businesslike. Colleges don't know who will be reading them, so avoid anything that will make them uncomfortable. Don't write about subjects that will make people uncomfortable, such as drug use or illegal activities. Instead, focus on things that you have already accomplished.

Answered 2 years ago

More information is needed to answer this question. I'm assuming that you are in a master's or doctoral program that requires a thesis or dissertation. Also, the way the above is written - you may not be a native English speaker. I notice issues with your grammar and punctuation in the question stated above - for example: using commas where periods should go - etc...

The thesis, action research, dissertation - call it what you will - is a 100% polished product that concludes your study in a certain subject. To earn my master's degree, I completed an action research project that was nearly 100 pages long without a single error in grammar, punctuation, APA formatting, etc... This is a tall task for someone that is not a native English student or simply struggles at academic writing.

You are going to have to spend money to work closely with an academic proofreader / editor. I'd consider the cost of this service just part of your education expenses. You can't make it this far and not complete the final thesis / dissertation / research project.

Answered 2 years ago

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Answered a year ago

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