Is there a way to advertise to Facebook/Twitter/mobile users by date and location?

For example I want to advertise to participants running a marathon.


I know that on Facebook and Twitter you can schedule ads and posts so that question should be answered.

I know in Facebook you can target users by whether they're using a mobile or desktop device and also by which operating system they're using i.g. iOS or Android

You can also target by interests like 'Running' or 'marathons' based on their profile and activity or you can use partner categories to target people who spent money on fitness/running equipment or possibly even registered for a marathon.

Answered 9 years ago

What do you mean by "date"? You can set up start and end dates for your campaign.

Remember, CPC is one of the BEST ways to advertise if you do it right... but you will hemorrhage money if you do it even a bit off.

Just because someone is a good writer, doesn't mean they can convince you to buy a car. Remember that.

If you'd like to create a CPC campaign that brings you a solid profit for every dollar you spend, feel free to set up a call.

Answered 9 years ago

I believe there is both in Facebook and Twitter, but you know there are several changes made in both from the time of their creation. With detailed targeting options for this huge pool of users, Facebook is a great platform to get started with social media advertising. With ads, you can direct users to your Facebook Page or your website. This is a full-screen interactive or informational destination page within the Facebook mobile app. Facebook’s internal data shows that a series of photo-only ads can drive more unique traffic than other types of ad formats. In addition to a photo, Facebook photo ads include 90 characters of text plus a 25-character headline. You can create your photo ad in Facebook Business Manager, or simply promote a post with an image from your Facebook Page. Facebook video ad options range from short, looping video clips that auto play in users’ feeds, to original 241-minute promoted videos for the desktop. You can also develop video ads that play within other videos, or even share 360-degree videos. With so many options, it is critical to have solid goals and understand who your target market is and where your video will reach them. With Twitter Promote, the Twitter algorithm automatically promotes Tweets to your specified audience. It promotes your first 10 daily organic Tweets that pass the Twitter quality filter. With Twitter ad campaigns, you first choose a business objective that aligns with your business goals. You can select existing organic Tweets to promote or create Tweets specifically as ads.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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