How can I reduce my bouce rate?

Felix here from Pokit. I'm looking for improvements on my site: - particularly on dropping our bounce rate. Do you have any suggestions?


To reduce your bounce rate, you need to make sure that the messages you send are short and simple. If the message is too long or too complicated, it will not be received by your customers. Also when writing a blog post, try to keep it short and catchy because shorter posts tend to get more attention from readers than longer ones.

In addition, if you want to increase traffic on your website or blog, use social media as a marketing tool so that people can find out about what you have to offer. This is how I found my website and how I started my business!

Thanks for reading this answer! Hope it helps you out in some way!

Answered 2 years ago

Hi Felix, As you probably realize, two things will improve your BR:
1. Better quality of traffic to your site - Random guess that this is a mix of electricians, electronic technicians, home and appliance repair pros, and DIYer consumers? If you get more of the people who need your multimeter/oscilloscope/logger, they're less likely to bounce. But how do you multiply your traffic from them? For that, we'd deep dive on your marketing mix to see what channels you're using and adjust contextuality and targeting while implementing new campaigns for bigger reach to ensure that you are getting a much higher volume of true ICP (ideal customer profile) visitors to your website. We'd also develop a winning SEO and content marketing roadmap that you can execute on without hiring support team.
2. The second factor for Bounce Rate is the website conversion experience. Right now you, have a site that is on its way to credibility, but there are some simple fixes that need to be made ASAP to your featured reviews and to the priority you're giving to your products. It's a lot to take in, and some simple fixes will improve your flow. Obviously, removing "Pre-Order" (as soon as that's possible) will help a lot. Messaging-wise, the site needs some help. You're all about features, and missing the benefit. Marketers toss around the acronym FAB: Features, Advantages, Benefits. Right now your site is getting an "F", a lower-case "a", and B is nowhere to be seen.

I do real-time conversion reviews and roadmap strategy if you want a hand. Either way, I hope this helps!

Answered 2 years ago

Your website bounce rate simply indicates how sticky your website is, that is how long end users stay on a particular page on the website.

A well optimized website will keep visitors on your site for as long as they should. I suggest you set real expectations so as to attract the right visitors. The master key is to prioritize user experience. A user-friendly website will set yours apart from the others. Take your page loading time up a notch by producing high quality contents; I can assist you with that if you don't mind. Do you know how to optimize your website plus how to check its loading time?

Answered a year ago

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