can the owner of llc hire himself as freelancer ?

llc created in the US , owner is not resident in the us , not having citizenship of US he dont have work permit , no visa to travel to US can he hire himself as freelancer to work for his llc remotely ?


Hi! Generally speaking, your situation depends on if you are the only member of the LLC. If yes, then you are in business for yourself and therefore, no, you do not pay yourself wages as an "employee". You report income as a self employed person or as an independent contractor for federal and self-employment tax purposes. Let me know if this helps! If, however, two or more people are in business with you, then you are in a partnership. At that case, yes, you can hire employees, but you yourself won't be an employee still. I hope this makes sense. Reach out to me if you need additional help with this.

Answered a year ago

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