We accepted by for Reg CF. How could I reach to investors? Here is our page, please recommend for network.

This is great for you! Congrats! Yesterday I posted some tips on Linkedin, they can be useful for you when reaching out to Investors:How can startups find matching Investors?

Fundraising isn't just about raising money...

It's about much more things... #startup founders need to see the process as matchmaking.

These tips might help to match your startup against the right investors:

✔️ Define what you need in terms of money
✔️ Define what you need besides money
✔️ List the investors that invest in your space.
✔️ List Investors that have the experience and contacts that you need.
✔️ List Investors that invest an amount of money 3 to 10 times bigger than what you need.
✔️ List Investors that have an investment portfolio that can bring your startup network effects and others and boost growth.
✔️ List both male and female investors as diversity is needed for you to have all the perspectives..and focus on one gender, and a generation whose problems your startup is solving.

Reach out to Investors using warm introductions, specially in the US.

Your relationship with an Investor is just like a marriage, and from which it is difficult to divorce...

So, besides the above mentioned there are other aspects that you need to take into consideration, as you will be meeting, reporting, and dining with these investors:

👉 What is their personality?
👉 Do you see yourself connected with that person for at least 5 years?
👉 What are your values and theirs?
👉 Do your startup goals match theirs?

The last but not least, a good marriage might end with a good divorce, if you have a good pre-nuptial agreement!

Answered 8 months ago

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