How do I grow my new you tube channel?


Excellent question. The great thing about youtube is that videos you post very quickly tend to show in Google search results, often quicker than the corresponding website would rank. Here are some tips:
- When posting videos paste your contact details/offer in the description and in the comment section
- When posting, ensure you copy paste a lot of the content in text form in the description so the video is easily findable when searched
- if you are in the US, you can use direct marketing to market the channel
- contact influencers and bloggers to link to you
- partner with other channels to advert vice-versa your channels
- paid ad
- link your channel with freebies and lead magnets

I would be delighted to better understand your situation and help you with it in a call

Answered 2 years ago

Upload video's?

Answered 2 years ago

Hello Otatade Okojie here it's all about content, engagement and shares. The videos are supposed to be minimum 10 minute videos.

Answered 2 years ago

Growing a YouTube channel takes some effort. You definitely need a good catchy content. Here are few things you could try
1. Have a cover photo which captures audience interest.
2. Create content on latest topics . Usually people search for latest topics which give more option to find your video
3. Make sure you use SEO properly . Your title, description should also contain the key words which relate to your video
4. Do put subtitles . Most of the times people scroll though on mute. Sub titles help you grab attention
5. Reach out to friends and family and shamelessly market ur channel
6. Use competitor info to divert traffic to your channel. Eg: if you run a CRM content and your competitor is well known. Your title could say “Simpler content than <competitor name> “ google search only goes by key words
7. Paid ads is last option which could take a lot of your money, use the option wisely.

Answered 2 years ago

Upload quality content, may be create content on trending topics that attracts more views, if you have monetize your channel then use relevant ads. If your content is age or region, language specific, target specific audience, use subtitles for better experience.

Answered 2 years ago

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