What's the best solution to raise money from all around the world?

Hi all, We have a Startup based in Estonia and we were wondering how does it work if we want to raise funding from all around the world. We have both a European and American focus in term of users/customers... So I was wondering if, we raise money in Europe (via the Estonian entity), would it still be possible to discuss with US investor (they usually require a Delaware entity)?


Crowdfunding is the best option to raise money from all around the world. I did this multiple times for my startups. There are several different options, you can start your research with Fundify, Seedinvest, etc.

Look for Equity-based crowdfunding. Good Luck!

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By making you own business and you must understand that's all will be easy when you trying

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This is such a relevant question in today's COVID climate day. I work with a number of hardware companies (one of them based in NYC just closed a $2.5 million round with a venture capital firm that's in London).

The long and short of this is, if your business is 'that good'. Then then investor will do anything in their power to make sure they get in on the deal.

So, I think you should reframe the question a bit, you may want to ask, "We are looking for 'this' type of investor, does anyone have anybody who might be interesting to speak with directly about this?

And that, is something I can help you with. Let's schedule a chat and I can walk you through the tools I use to help companies just like yours raise capital all around the world.

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Hi, You can raise from a US Investor with an Estonian entity, nevertheless, they are likely to ask you to incorporate in Delaware, and move your HQ to the US. So, if you have grants from the Estonian Gov. or UE, you need to check if you have to settle your HQ in Estonia or UE.
Suggestion: Define the market where you have the biggest percentage of early adopters and how much revenue you may have ...if you are at the idea stage, better go through an accelerator... check the tips that I just gave here and on LinkedIn about choosing investors: 18h • Edited • 18 hours ago

How can startups find matching Investors?

Fundraising isn't just about raising money...

It's about much more things... #startup founders need to see the process as matchmaking.

These tips might help to match your startup against the right investors:

✔️ Define what you need in terms of money
✔️ Define what you need besides money
✔️ List the investors that invest in your space.
✔️ List Investors that have the experience and contacts that you need.
✔️ List Investors that invest an amount of money 3 to 10 times bigger than what you need.
✔️ List Investors that have an investment portfolio that can bring your startup network effects and others and boost growth.
✔️ List both male and female investors as diversity is needed for you to have all the perspectives..and focus on one gender, and a generation whose problems your startup is solving.

Using today's theme, your relationship with an Investor is just like a marriage, and from which it is difficult to divorce...

So, besides the above mentioned there are other aspects that you need to take into consideration, as you will be meeting, reporting, and dining with these investors:

👉 What is their personality?
👉 Do you see yourself connected with that person for at least 5 years?
👉 What are your values and theirs?
👉 Do your startup goals match theirs?

The last but not least, a good marriage might end with a good divorce, if you have a good pre-nuptial agreement!

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