Which White-label eCommerce solution will you recommend for the online rental market?

I am looking for a RV rental industry specific solution which has built in functionality of adding buffer time between two rental durations and quote functionality where customers can share quotes to the sellers registered on the platform. Please share suitable suggestions. Looking to create something like RVShare, Outdoorsy..


Rental businesses are way different from sales businesses. Most entrepreneurs think all eCommerce solutions can be used to develop a rental marketplace, but the requirements to develop one are way different.

To elaborate, rental orders are simply more complex than sales orders. For example, the customer needs to select the booking dates and see product availability for those dates before placing the order. He/she also needs to make a security deposit in order to rent. On the other hand, customers just add products to a cart and make payments to purchase them in a sales eCommerce store.

Thus, to develop a rental marketplace, more research is required. In my opinion, Yo!Rent is a proper eCommerce solution for all rental businesses:

Yo!Rent was built by FATbit Technologies, a globally recognized software development company that has contributed a wide range of feature-packed business solutions to the eCommerce industry.

To support rental businesses, Yo!Rent comes with advanced rent-centric features:

- Rental security management system
- RFQ module
- Product comparison
- eSign & agreement management
- Cancellation & Return policy
- Shipment seller-buyer chat
- Buffer time period
- Calendar booking system

Yo!Rent is capable to handle distinct niches like as: -

1. Heavy equipment rental
2. Dress rental
3. Costume rental
4. Car rental
5. Boat rental
6. Truck rental
7. Bike rental
8. RV rental
9. Electronics rental
10. Party supply rental
11. Outdoor gear rental
12. Gym equipment rental

Further, you can have a look at the benefits of choosing Yo!Rent below:

* Free one-year technical support
* Suitability for rental and selling purposes
* One time cost
* Unlimited transactions, listings and user profiles

Visit Yo!Rent’s official website to get more information.

Answered 2 years ago

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