Hi We are cultural association, so how we can get a funding ?

and thank you.


Did you check if the government offers grants for Cultural programs? You can try private but be prepared to answer "What's in it for me/my organization?". That is, if they fund you what do they get in return?
It is pretty much like a business case. Funding is a trade. Will be happy to talk further on a call.

Answered 2 years ago

There are a few creative ways to get funded
1. Approach some communities and offer to do shows or organise cultural events for them
2. Tie up with schools or colleges to get their grants and in turn train their students
3. Create your own YouTube or Podcast and start monetising the content . It doesn’t take a lot of money
4. Approach CSR of corporates and offer to do skits or programs creating awareness if they fund you. Eg: Tide may want to create awareness on low water usage, you could create some shows or theatre on the concept which could highlight their work
5. Create a gofundme with a cause

You need to create awareness about your association and make people understand your contributions. That’s the key

Answered 2 years ago

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