Which is better between Ipad pro 2018 (cert apple refurbished) $700 vs Galaxy Tab s7 plus (new $730) for creating news frame videos?

I am weighing between buying a new Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and Ipad Pro from apple's certified refurbished store. I want to make news style videos around twice a week, learn digital art and use it for entertainment on work trips. I travel for month long international trips so portability has led me to choose this route over laptop (and cost). The type of videos I'll be making are newsframe type with a banner, floating videos, frame, voice over and such. (no presenter). I use android and have downloaded Powerdirector to see how that will work but I don't know what the Ipad Pro side of things compare. Which one is easier to make this kind of videos in? (I want a pro looking newsframe) Which one is the better choice between a refurbished Ipad Pro and new Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?


after careful consideration, Samsung's tablets offer better value, but the iPad Pro (2021) offers a better overall experience. The Galaxy Tab S7+ has a better screen, a handy design, faster biometrics, and lower pricing compared to the iPad Pro.

Answered 10 months ago

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