how to hire & fire easily and build remote team upwork is total waste of time

how to hire a virtual assistant / project managers within budgets without worrying about confidentiality of the emails and content and the risk it takes if this virtual assistant leave


Hi! My clients have successfully hired VA's through Linkedin by submitting a 3 steps hiring process with a pre-qualification and assessment build in.

Also, when people continue to leave your company, I usually look into how clear is the direction of the company, is there a concise mission and vision statement, clear goals, and a goal setting framework that aligns everyone in one direction.

Also a common thing I see that make people leave is the absence of clear and articulate company values that are used during the hiring process.

Confidentiality is all about setting up the right NDA/work contract structure.

These points will help! Good luck


Answered 3 years ago

There’s a few parts to your question.

1. Hiring as a young company with a limited budget is as much art as science. Depending on what skill set you need, I can help you place US-based or India-based team (or a hybrid which is what I do for my current startup)

2. Getting Project Managers to join your team in this competitive market often comes down to who has the better comp plan. Creative comp plan structure is important. Happy to help hear

3. The risk and confidentiality part will never go away. However, I’m happy to help you with the proper language to protect yourself. There are also a couple tools that help you quickly turn on or turn off outside rep access to your systems

Answered 3 years ago

Upwork may not be a waste of time, how you're using Upwork may be a waste of time. But if Upwork just isn't working for you, try posting freelance jobs on job boards.

To the second part of your question, there is no 100% surefire way to ensure confidentiality. With that being said, success moves at the speed of trust.

Answered 3 years ago

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