SEO Strategy for Open Course. How to utilize the non-gated content for SEO, while keeping the course concise?

Hey brilliant SEO consultants! I'm starting an new open-source, Wikipedia style (editable) entrepreneurship course. All content will be open (not gated like other courses). All content will be long form articles with OC illustrations. Landing page @, we're pre-launching next week. => My question is: What is the best approach to use the course content as an SEO win? The problem is: SEO ranking requires comprehensive coverage of one topic on a single page vs. a good course needs to be *concise* and only teach what's needed at a certain stage. (correct me if I'm wrong about that with the new MUM algorithm) The current line of thinking is using "a hybrid approach": The course pages (concise content) will be the Auxiliary articles, built around more comprehensive Pillar articles that are SEO targeted. Duplicate/thin content can be "noindex". Is there a better way to do this? If you think so, please let me know and let's get on a call. Cheers, Amer :)


Hello! Digital marketing agency owner with clients that have a variety of industries here with my recommendations based on what works for our clients.
With Google they love content. So regardless if you are backlinking to specific parts of the content or not, given time you will start ranking for keywords within the non gated content. Just ensure you have at least 2k words on the home page and at least 750-1k words on the other pages and you will rank no issue with some quality backlink strategizing. When you do come across backlinks that will work for that nongated stuff you can still add them in without causing issue. Hope I answered your question.
-Brianna 😊

Answered 5 months ago

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