Hello Sir, My name is Hamza working with CPA marketing to advertise the CPA Offers, I used Push notification ads network. Unfortunately, all my campaign is fail and lose my money. I decide to learn marketing research to understand the country needs and problem and I would like to find problems on the country then I would like to bring offer solve that problem. I am going to use Google Ads + SEO advertising to drive traffic to the product website. Only this kind of vertical I would like to promote is software offer like (Antivirus + VPN) and Mobile App (Install) + Games + E-Commerce. 1) I would like to be an expert on marketing research specialist and I would like to become freelancer solve problems? 2) What's the best way to start marketing research? 4) Could you tell me those learning sources is trust or not for learning 1. 2. 3. 5) Could you advise me what's the best online website teach me Marketing research 6) From your experience could you give me a good study plan to be an expert on marketing research 7) From your experience I would like to know the keys of success on Marketing research specialist? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General question 1. What is the most demanded specialty in the market nowadays? Specially on marketing specialization like (SEO manger, social media manger, marketing research, affiliate marketing)

There are money platforms for learning any course udemy is the most popular one of them plus it's more useful the most platforms such example is when Udemy put a cap of $50 on their courses and nearly 1000 of their instructors migrated to Teachable so they could have complete control over their course.
best marketplace to sell your Course:

Answered 2 years ago

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