How to create an NFT marketplace?

NFT's are treanding these days, I'm interested in creating an NFT marketplace, how can I do that?


The NFT Marketplace is a platform for buying and selling non-fungible tokens, such as rare or limited edition collectibles. The marketplace allows people to search for collectibles and set their own prices, which is particularly helpful in finding the right buyer who offers the best price. Here are some important features of the NFT marketplace.

1. Storefront

It is the primary feature. It should contain such info as bids, previews, owners, price history, and more.

2. Advanced Token Search

A customer must get robust data on items they need quickly, with minimum effort. An NFT marketplace should have all items sorted by some features (for example, music, images, videos, art, memes). Quick search enhances customer satisfaction.

3. Filters

This functionality is similar to the previous one as the main idea is helping choose the right product fast and effortlessly. Divide all offers into several categories that impact buyer’s decisions in most situations. Those can be prices, recent goods, hot offers, best-selling, and more. Users will pick items they need faster, and it increases the probability of buying them.

4. Create Listing

Give a right to customers to develop and send collectibles. Ensure they can do that quickly and with no obstacles. Generate a page where customers can submit a file, typing in the specific item data. Such info as title, tags, and description is a must.

5. Listing Status

Those who offer goods and pass item verification procedures should benefit from this option. It allows checking the status of the confirmation procedure. This feature is useful for implementing collectible verification.

6. Bidding Option

Making it possible to both purchase items and bid on them is critical for any e-commerce project. It attracts more users as some are interested in flexible pricing and do not wish to buy collectibles at their starting fees. Bidding is always fun. Do not forget to add an expiration date for an auction feature. Registered participants should have an opportunity to see information about the current status of their bids. It will help them decide whether to buy or keep on placing new bids. An auction watchlist is like a separate important feature.

7. Wallet

Users need a safe place to receive and store their non-fungible tokens. Not all options are suitable as some of them may have certain threats to the security of funds. That is why the NFT market service must have an initially inserted wallet for saving and submitting tokens with no fear. Create and offer a connected, “native”, wallet instead of forcing your buyers to sign up with other online wallets. Put their convenience in the first place. You should not create a wallet from scratch. Think about integrating your service with options like Metamask or Coinbase. You might need to create a list of the top-preferred wallets and add them to your platform. Do everything to make storing, submitting, and obtaining tokens as simple as possible.

8. Ratings

This characteristic is for newbies. Beginners may have no idea where to start from, how the system works, and how to choose items fast. Having a look at one’s rating to find out whether other users consider this specific seller a reliable one might be enough. Thanks to ratings, the platform’s participants can rate others and provide feedback based on their impressions. It will help others see how credible every user is. Users with the top ratings obtain attractive rewards.

After understanding and determining the features for an NFT marketplace platform, spend some time deciding on some tech aspects. You should also decide whether you wish to apply ready-to-use instruments or come up with your solution from scratch, investing even more time and money.

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Answered 3 years ago

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