Best advice to start a small business abroad as a foreigner, US, Swiss, New Zealand, Singapore. Research online proves to be really confusing red tape

I have a thriving digital publishing business.. I am currently working on my business at home I have a strong desire to build my business and brand abroad


As a web designer, online visibility is incredibly important when it comes to branding globally. Depending on your business, a lot of your global business goals can be achieved by setting up an online business.

You should register domains in the countries you'd like to market to, such as the US, NZ, and SIngapore that you mentioned. Also establish a Business Plan and central brand that includes all of these markets.

Try to avoid getting caught in a re-branding process down the road. If your brand needs tweaking in order to achieve scope, do so.

I would start by registering the business in the country you mainly do business in, and provide shipping of products/services to all of your other markets if necessary to get started. Then as you establish a foothold in each territory, look into the benefits of setting up locally.

Answered 7 years ago

Since you are based in Kuala Lumpur - you might look at Singapore as an option. It would be quick and easy for you to go there and open a bank account with a Singapore private limited company. The only costly part would be the local director. If you have a friend in Singapore you can save on this fee which corporate services companies charge ~$3000 per year.

Other benefits of Singapore incorporation include entrepass / employment passes to live and work in Singapore - access to venture capitalists - and strong brand recognition of the jurisdiction internationally.

Answered 7 years ago

Thanks Corey, i have got my online business flourishing, it is not a matter of selling in other countries. My reason is simple, the start-up landscape in my country is really bad, corrupted and has a bleak future. I want a gain a strong foothold so i can grow my business with no worries. I need advice for those who has successfully migrated their business ... as a foreigner, from my standpoint, i know there are ways to do this, but it is all too confusing for me...In any case my business is forecast to grow exponentially in the next 2-5 years, and i want to officially start in a country that welcomes internet entrepreneurs...

Answered 7 years ago

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