What are some day to day tasks/activities which make you feel annoyed or irritated?

It can anything from cooking food to washing dishes or any other regular stuffs that you do. But it should be something which can be completed/done if we had some assistance.


It really depends on your thinking. If we have the mindset that something or someone is going to annnoy us, then it probably will. The reason being is because you have already turned your power over. However, if we keep the mindset that we will not let things interfere with our emotions negatively, then you have accomplished a huge milestone.

Answered 3 years ago

كل شخص وحياته اليومية الخاصة التي تختلف عن الاخرين من حيث تفكير الشخص والمحيط الاجتماعي والاسري
ومشكلاته اليومية

Answered 2 years ago

This is an interesting question.

I am going to answer this in an interesting way!

In business of course there are tasks that you don't like doing - that's life!

However, in business, you should ALWAYS be focused on delivering your HIGHEST value. At the same time, you should be looking for ways to get rid of low-value jobs and tasks - passing these on to other competent people.

I always tell my team members that their job is to get rid of their job and then I will give them a better job.

This may sound super weird, but when I say 'get rid of their job' I mean they should be focused on systemization - delegation - outsourcing - team up-skilling - simplification, and so on.

If you feel annoyed or irritated about a task that is very different than feeling reluctant to do a task.

Irritation is a clear sign you are doing things wrong!

So the next time you feel irritated at doing a task take note of what I have said and see how you can 'get rid of your job'.

If you spend time thinking about how you can make your job simpler - easier and more fun WHILE achieving top results you will amaze yourself. You are sure to come up with innovative ideas that will transform your job and your company step by step.

Answered 8 months ago

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