how to increase sales


If you are a new seller or merchant, you need to gain the customer’s trust by offering good offers such as product quality and good competitive price, but if you are an old merchant, the best thing is the distinguished after-sales services, and honesty and credibility must be the basis for the merchant to gain the trust of customers and customers

Answered a year ago

It's hard to answer that question since it's a bit vague. Are you doing sales demos? Are you doing outbound? what area of your team are you trying to improve? What's your current conversion rate?

Answered a year ago

I run a phone repair business and my number 1 strategy on increasing sales is to do marketing on facebook and instagram. Good offers, combined with a strong ad creative design can do you wonders.

Answered a year ago

Look at your input VS your output. Start tracking which Platform or area are giving you the highest conversion rate and look at why. What strengths are helping you and apply that to your other areas or platforms. Dissect your customers. Always ask yourself why. Why are these people buying, why aren't these people buying. Dig in deep

Answered a year ago

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