I have been struggling to increase the number of followers in my instagram account (@boftcr). What can you recommend me?

I own a network of photo printing booths ( located in main shopping malls in Costa Rica


I struggled when i first made my account but found out if i used a hashtag that i created or tagged a brand/logo or the area in the photo that would draw more people into wanting to follow my account try not to put to much hashtags though because then it looks like your trying to hard, pre-mote your account on other sights like facebook, snapchat, tiktok, like on facebook post on the market place about what you do and the price and the local area and include your instagram account so they can go check out your page, on snapchat you can have a picture set up and post in on snap map with your instagram tag, and tiktok you can post on your bio or at in a video if you make them and if you can link everything together to promote each other and you will get a good amount of followers, sadly its not gonna happen over night if it does that's amazing but you have to really stay focused on trying to draw attention to just instagram first, if you need any more help I would love to help you out more! my name is Lindsay :)

Answered 3 years ago

Hello! I just checked your profile and it looks quite aesthetic.
Here are a few things I would recommend :
1. Write an interacting caption. Ask them to question or ask them to share something related to the post
2. Use location tag and more hashtags
3. Set up a program to encourage the customers to share your handle on your story. You can give them a free gift or discount or set up a booth for the same
Hope this helps you :) All the best!

Answered 3 years ago

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