what is your biggest pain when building a vacation home away from home?

Hi! Most of you are successful entrepreneurs so this might be easier for you than for me. I'm focusing my practice in helping busy foreign business owners who want to build a Mid-Century Modern (inspired) home in Portugal. I'm communicating to their aspirational side (emotional drivers) and I can relate myself with them as I try to be entrepreneus as well. But my struggle is to find their biggest pain! I know how they want to feel with the new house, but I don't know what keeps them awake at night till they have it... So.... if you are - or were, or intend to - build a home overseas (for vacations, for retirement, to be a hub for your family, etc), what are your biggest concerns? what do you need to make sure it's going to happen? or what do you want to avoid to all cost? I think that if I address their vision AND their fears, I'll be able to better communicate how and why I'm the clear choice for them. Thank you in advance for all your first-person experience and insights.


As per my personal experience the biggest pain is time and resources management, for example internet connectivity meetings in between of journey. You can feel free to call me for more detailed answers.

Answered 3 years ago

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