I started a branding / graphic design business, but it is takings it’s time to pick up, and I am still funding it, but all the while requests for domain registration and hosting has been accompanying branding requests. I am thinking of adding a hosting platform, but strongly need a business strategy, marketing and other guidance, as I would like to hit the ground running with that. What is/are the strategies for such a business? Who can I talk to?

I would like to ask before answering
1)what type of online bussiness ?
2)what is your bussiness targets in midterm or Long terms
3)financial issues ?
And your trartget market
I'd would say it based on the industry and bussiness targets and management of your bussiness .first your bussiness model is determined by your goals and bussiness strategies in accordance to your bussiness needs .here some tips to understood your bussiness model compatibility to your bussiness needs
1) identify your bussiness needs vs market size
2)identity bussiness from consumer end
3) restructuring your bussiness model in accordance to maketing driven data like her some of makting research reports to make it but your tartget industry nature determining your bussiness model

Answered a year ago

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