How can a none resident business owner able to collect international payments?

Writing from Bangladesh. A year ago I started my business journey but up until now I am unable to launch my because we don't have way to collect payments from our clients. Paypal & Stripe does not support my country. All I want is verified business Paypal or Stripe account to start my business. Our business is incorporated in the USA. I've certificate of LLC and EIN from IRS. Looking for someone who can help us on this. I am agree If somebody wants to partner with me. All I need a way of collecting global payments and making payments to some of our workers. Please let me if you can do anything for us?


Besides using PayPal and Payoneer, I also recommend collecting international payments using cryptocurrency. Just look for the best cryptocurrency to fiat exchange in your nation and setup a coin wallet with a popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Cardano which has low gas / transfer fees. Then you will have a cryptocurrency wallet to accept International Payments.

Answered 3 years ago


You can try using Payoneer or Xoom to collect international payments while based in Bangladesh. Xoom is owned by PayPal and is an international branch that services countries that PayPal doesn't. Payoneer is rather new to the payment processing scene, and features significantly lower fees compared to PayPal. They service most countries, including Bangladesh. Since you are incorporated in the USA, you may want to open a business bank account at any bank or credit union in the USA using your UBI (which should be on your business license and/or other documentation, including the EIN and LLC certificates). You can use a UBI in place of a SSN for business accounts. With a USA bank account under your business name, I see no reason why PayPal and Stripe would deny you. It might also be advantageous to get a P.O. box in the USA so that you can use an American address on your bank records."
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Answered 3 years ago

It depends actually you need go know eligibility issues as the same time operativeness of the nature of the Jursidiction you are living so it up to you ?

Answered 3 years ago

Zelle is possibly most trusted.

Answered 3 years ago

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