Foreign partner to LLC in NYC

Please advice how legally add a foreign partner to LLC in NYC Any related information will be appreciated.


1)Purpose of partnership
2) benefits and aggrement between B2B and duty of both companies
3)market size and share issues
4)bussiness modeling your are following in paratnership
And many factors will need to be consider here is some information you need to consider
Before decision I will suggested you to do two thing I had make two companies to become bussiness partners but their target is in ISO certification and accreditation program so after auditing. They work together now here is practial suggettion to you
A) contact the company and ask details as depth as possible even their past background if you can
B) research about the company by your self in detail please take serious time on this and do it carefully
C) do not rely on single source of information about the company research deeply as possible even critical decision making times and know the commutators of the company as well to understand the strength and weakness as well how can you rely in quality issues too ...
Make it to deep this is not enough for me to state each consideration if you want an assistance request call .
Thanks in advance

Answered 3 years ago

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