Is it possible to find someone who can Loan me money to start my business, or maybe multiple people or any other way, I a open for solution. :)

I am open to any solutions to find neccesery money to start business , independent business by joining one Personal Development company.I am truly passonate about this and any advice is very much welcome.Thank you.



My name is Mauricio and I currently work in both the private and government sectors. I have experience starting up my own business by leveraging owned assets. I am currently licensed as a real estate professional and I am in the process of obtaining my mortgage lending license.

Depending on what your needs are in regards to loans, there may be a lot of options for you. Based on your question, I believe the type of loan you are looking for is a private loan. In today's economic climate there are several opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their new business. Depending on your needs and timing, there may be better options for you. When it comes to loans and private investors, the higher the risk for the investor, the more they are going to want to seek from the person requesting the loan, I.E. higher interest rates, royalties, or even a percentage of your business.

Here is a link to an online article that may have some good information for you to research.

I hope this information helps you and if there is any other questions you may have please feel free to give me a call.

Answered 3 years ago

You can definitely find someone to loan you money for starting a business, but you might find that hard since people always want to get something in exchange of whta they are giving especially when it's about money. A better idea is to get someone that wants to invest in something and they can invest in your idea. You can have shares or split things in however way you like. If you hvae any question regarding this topic, feel free to call me.

Answered 3 years ago

I second finding investors who will invest in your idea in exchange for a share. There is a certain type of investor, called Angel Investors, who are known to help fund start-ups and more high-risk ventures.

Finding investors who will support you is hard, so in my opinion the best way to approach this is to create a solid business plan in writing. Make it very detailed and include everything from prices, expected profit/loss, expenses/overhead, initial costs, how you will market the business, the target market, competition, an exit plan if things don't work out, etc. Angel Investors need to be 'sold' on your idea and feel confident that it will work before they get involved.

Presentation also matters, so think about making a PowerPoint as well as having written handouts, and dress to impress. Try to approach several Angel Investors and consider how much of your idea you're willing to share before you meet the investors. Don't be afraid to counter their offer either - some investors take a portion of each sale until a certain point, while others take a portion of the company ownership. I don't think this is a bad thing, as it also shares the responsibility if they own part of the company.

If you do these things and the investors aren't sold on your idea, you can turn around and go to a bank or credit union and ask to get a 'small business loan'. I was told to avoid personal loans for business reasons unless you can't get approved. The paper handouts and presentation from your Angel Investor interview will likely help a lot when applying for a business loan at a bank or credit union. You could alternatively look for a private loan with an individual, but these tend to be more risky with higher interest rates.
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Answered 3 years ago

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