How to pay taxes in Slovenia as an affiliate marketer?

Hi. My name is Kristjan, I am from Slovenija and I am an affiliate marketer. I am selling a high ticket digital course called Legendary Marketer. So my question is, how could I pay taxes, as a freelancer? I saw a video on Youtube, that talks about paying only 4% tax in Slovenia as an SP. And under the SP tax regime, you can opt for lump-sum cost, which I really don't understand and I would really appreciate, if someone could explain to me a little more about it. Thanks :D


In Slovenia, income from affiliate marketing is considered taxable income, and you would need to pay taxes on any income you earn through affiliate marketing activities. You would need to register as a self-employed individual with the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. You will be required to file a tax return every year, declaring your income and expenses related to your affiliate marketing activities. You should keep accurate records of all transactions and receipts related to your affiliate marketing business to ensure you are able to accurately report your income and expenses. It may be helpful to consult with a tax professional or accountant to ensure you are in compliance with the tax laws in Slovenia.

Answered a year ago

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