How do I know what products to get?

Looking to sell commercial kitchen equipment to F&B industry, not so much type, but how do I know which brand of equipment to select for selling?


Intercept the market with a mix of offerings from premium to main stream; you should have something for everyone.

Answered 3 years ago

You should already know what products to get and you should have good experiences in your intended industry already.

Product selection methods at the startup stage are different from the growing stage or mature stage ...

It will be a hard time if you don't have the product knowledge and no industry exposure and experience. There is no single method that can answer your question and no simple approach can be described via simple writing to address your challenges.

I help 400+ companies to grow correctly. The most important point here is "correctly". Anyone can grow a company, but the company may not grow correctly and many people were misled by wrongful growth and eventually failed very badly. Therefore, my advice to you is not to take loose advice or choosing some product selecting methods to address your answer to avoid a disastrous outcome. This comes from a real business case where a client as me to help him to salvage $500,000 in slow-moving inventory due to select products using some well-known methods. Always view product selection as part of building a business model, never do it from an isolated viewpoint.

Hope you are clearer and if you like to find out how to build a Startup footprint for your business, feel free to contact me.

Answered 3 years ago

Brand..brand..brand. People go for quality brand. What are the top brand in kitchen appliances. I worked in a retail industry for almost 40yrs and I can tell you that persons go for brand, features and benefits.
What can the product do for them? How will it stand up in the market? What is the life span ? Are you only giving them the manufacturers warranty or are you able to sell them an extended warranty with the product?
You must do your research on the products so you know with confidence that the product can stand up to what you say it can do for them.
You are going to have different types of clients and depending on their needs. You should know say for instance: is a GE product more efficient than a Whirlpool or Frigidaire etc.. What is the manufacturers warranty on rust?.
Hope this was helpful, you may schedule a call if you wish to discuss further.

Answered 3 years ago

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