"Chaos"in business management and operates:how measured,analysed?

Business management has many intertwined aspects,which constantly interacts with each other,rising the complexity of it,as a 'system'.


By very nature chaos cannot be measured or analysed. It can only be trusted. You can reach a place of deep trust in yourself where you Know exactly what you need to do and when to do it. It requires you to trust in the unknown and know that mistakes are not mistakes. When you enter a state of stillness and presence you will be able to see your next step in the business. You only need to know what to do now. Anything else is a distraction that will cause stress. The mind loves to analyse the future and past. It loves to look at what others are doing in order to seek safety and security. When you enter a state of deep trust in yourself you will know exactly what you need to do.

Answered a year ago

Chaos here may suggest the business is behaving randomly, causing disorder/ confusion, increasing the difficulties in managing it.

If the operation is a system, then the management is a system to control the operation with the purpose of achieving desired business objectives.

People find it hard to manage Chaos situations because they find challenging in making effective decisions due to a high level of uncertainty and insufficient time to respond properly.

Simply improve the measurement system or analysis skills will not improve the managing of business at all.

Pertaining to this topic, I help my clients (400+ companies so far) in 3 major aspects:
1. Understanding framework to speed up analysis capabilities and include designed model to review Chaotic situations (all chaotic situations had been taken into consideration). => This improves clarity fast and deep.

2. Decision-making process (design regular and flexible business clinic and decision making models to guide people on how to make difficult decisions (i.e. tough challenges). => This speed up plans/ strategies and keep the company aligned to its ultimate business goals while effectively decisions to address the impacts from the chaotic situations.

3. Redesign and implement business agility (different company requires a different level of agility) to improve the company's ability to respond to chaotic situations. => This allows the company with sufficient capability and capacity to react fast and avoid unnecessary self-imposed constraints.

Answered a year ago

I founded a pro business consultancy in 2018, the chaos is evident for all types of business. For most startups, I advise them to clearly write down all the key aspects of their business and their working relationships. To improve quality, you must maintain the M.E.C.E method while jotting down the various tasks and their relations to the business. This helps with the operational plan. For performance measurement, a data management tool must be used (try smart sheets for coordination, information management & file sharing). For detailed steps on the measurement & analysis please schedule a call. Can you please specify the mission statement, the company size, the products and the annual turnover as a start ?

Answered a year ago

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