What Is B2C Marketing

is b2c Marketing Required a lot of money to reach the customer?


B2C marketing means "Business to Consumer". This is a mode of business where we direct target the consumer of product or services we offer, e.g. FMCG products, Garments and apparels, Fashion and style products, Mobile phone networks etc.

In B2C marketing we actually target the mass or a single or multiple segment of masses; so if we speak about the conventional ways of marketing then yes we need money but as we all know this new era belongs to the digital game so go for the digital marketing which is a cheaper and more effective and result oriented mode of marketing.

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Answered 3 years ago

"B2C Marketing" refers to marketing to the end of the production chain - the consumer. It is one of the two major types of marketing, the other being B2B, or Business to Business. B2C marketing is unique in that it is 'the end of the road' and there are no further sales or changes to the product after this point. The whole marketing and production process is based around the final sale - that is, the B2C transaction.
There are typically several B2B interactions that occur during the production process, however there is only one B2C transaction. By the time you're ready to market to consumers, the product or service will already be complete and perfected. It will have already been tested, priced, researched and refined by this point. The items you see on a shelf at a store, or on TV commercials, are being marketed to consumers in a B2C fashion. They are not intended for resale, wholesale or businesses; they are intended for everyday households and consumers to purchase and use themselves. Perhaps the biggest thing to consider is where the product is going next. B2C marketing is the last stop.
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Answered 3 years ago

What you do mean when you type "marketing"? Are you refering to advertising and promotion only; or are you refer to marketing positioning and strategies; or are you looking at branding?; or are you doing marketing research? ...

It also depends what are you selling, do you already have ready to buy customer, are you able to influence public already, your business model, your product's nature, do you have backer, etc

Different sets of answers above will give you different marketing costs .... so, pls try to answer the above questions

Answered 3 years ago

It's all about value-based marketing; you have to provide your customer something helpful for free (e.g., knowledge, advice, an e-book, etc.), and once they regard you as a resource (read: a friend), they'll be a warm lead when you ask them to buy from you.

Dropbox, for example, provides its program for free, which is really handy and provides a large amount of storage. When you hit that storage limit, most customers are willing to pay for the premium subscription because Dropbox has earned such a stellar reputation. Many users would not have downloaded Dropbox if it demanded money up front.

Answered 3 years ago

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